Want the Truth?

Is something, or someone complicating your life? We have the ability and experience to uncover the factual truths regarding whomever, or whatever is causing that complication.

Pink Investigations is a full-service investigative firm, based in Southern California, with Investigators servicing most areas of the continental United States and Hawaii. We will provide enlightenment and, thereby, restore the choices, control, and power to you.

Most investigations are performed undercover, with the subject unaware of surveillance. However, at times it is beneficial to elicit the cooperation of the subject and conduct the investigation with full disclosure. An alternative case approach requires the agent assume a covert identification, to obtain first-hand confidential information. Tactics are detailed, analyzed and chosen on a results-oriented basis.

Should you, or your business need armed protection, our fully-licensed and insured professionals will put your mind at ease, freeing-up your time and allowing you to concentrate on what really matters.

Our agents are experienced in all types of information retrieval and dissemination. Whatever your particular need, we have the correct approach to achieve expedient, discreet and pointed results.

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No Information Worth Having Is Beyond Our Reach