A Knowledgeable Team

As the owner of Pink Investigations, Teresa Leibrick brings over sixteen years of investigative experience to her firm.

Mrs. Leibrick is a fourth-generation Californian. She and her husband have resided in Orange County, for over twenty years. A devoted mother, she home-schooled her son from elementary school through high school graduation. She is a licensed Private Investigator, licensed Phlebotomist, and possesses a BLS Healthcare Provider certification. Additionally, she is fluent in English and Spanish.

Teresa leads and has hand-picked an honest and dependable team of highly-experienced professionals, whose confidentiality and discretion are at the forefront of their business ethics, priorities and professionalism. Their expertise extends into the fields of accounting, banking, business, law, medicine, police science, travel and private investigations, giving them a vast background essential for success. Pink Investigations is, first and foremost, results-oriented for the satisfaction of it’s clientele. Pink Investigators specialize in:

  • Complex Investigation Techniques
  • Effective, Ethical Interrogation Tactics
  • Impeccable Courtroom Testimony
  • Professional, Courteous Interview Techniques
  • Surveillance: Video / Photographic
  • Witness Identification and Location

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